Lnk562 lnk563 lnk564 and get some knowledge about its



Like other LNK Chip,LNK562 LNK563 LNK564 is quite popular on using in power circuit.,LNK562 LNK563 LNK564 isa type of energy efficient off-line switcher IC for linear transformer replacement with supplies up to 3 W output power.This part is possible for charge phone circuit or shaver or other power tools.

2.Type pakcet and Output power.

Usually LNK have 3 type of packet  is D packet ,G packet and P packet.

As you can see that LNK562 have 1,9W output power while LNK563 is 2,5W and the output of LNK564 is 3W.So you must remember that the strongger output IC can repalce for the smaller but the smaller is not such as LNK562 can replace by LNK564 but to replace for LNK564,LNK562 is not used.

3.Functional Pin 

DRAIN (D) Pin: The power MOSFET drain connection provides internal operating current for both startup and steady-state operation.

BYPASS (BP) Pin: A 0.1 μF external bypass capacitor for the internally generated 5.8 V supply is connected to this pin.

FEEDBACK (FB) Pin: During normal operation, switching of the power MOSFET is controlled by this pin. MOSFET switching is disabled when a current greater than 70 μA flows into this pin.

SOURCE (S) Pin: This pin is the power MOSFET source connection. It is also the ground reference for the BYPASS and FEEDBACK pins.

4.Pricinple of LNK562 LNK563 LNk564 in application

In power circuit circle,firstly,the current on input will run through two diode D1 and D2,which make the current from altenative current to DC.The current with energetic pulse will be fillted by resistor RF1,capacitor C1 and coil L1 ,called the filter,the current will be flatter.This process is called flattern voltage.

Continuosly,the current run to the primary coil 1 and 2 of circuit.The special process is the pulse generator will send signal for Mosfet on LNK  at the G Pin as a gate to open and close.In this point,when the generator running,pulse exist and the G pin will close so that the current can be through from D Pin to S Pin and the current will return to the capacitor C1 .If the generator is off,the G Pin will open and the current can't go through to the S Pin so that the voltage will store in the primary coil 1 and 2 and the voltage will down slowly by time.More than that, the high frequency,the quickly interruption of G pin,which make up-down voltage on the primary coil which create variable voltage and the current transfered to secondary coil 4 and 5, 6 and 7.

The 6 and 7 secondary coil play a transfer voltage to output role.After the current through 6 and 7 coil,it will be flatter by resistor R3,capacitor C5 and diode D4 will make the current is DC certainly .One specific point is zener diode VR1 ,which has 10V maximum,adjust voltage to be smaller than 10V for output as well as protect device.And follow the device,manufacturer will change the ratio of  primary and secondary coil depend on the voltage output. 

A perfect process is always controled which is executed by FB Pin.It is feedback.And the 4 and 5 coil is used for this.The 4 and 5 secondary coil is different from 6 and 7 coil,it has a return voltage role for the Mosfet of LNK.

In process,sometime the voltage will be increased suddenly,the voltage in circuit, R1,R3 or output is also go up,so the FB Pin will identify this problem and send to the pulse generator for changing possible and opposite with the decreasingly of voltage. 

That's all about some infomation of LNK562 LNK563 LNK564 with 3 type pakcet so we hope everyone can know more as well as learn many things in this blog.Thanks you for your attention.


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