Structure and how to repair broken infrared stove.


Infrared stove is a kitchen device used by many families today, because of usefull,safe and conveniences. When using the infrared stove,people can save a lot of time to take advantage of other jobs. But like other electronic devices,infrared stove can be broken down.So, repairing infrared stove is inevitable.And how to fix the infrared stove that be interested in.If you are self-studying electronic-learning, read this article now.


Introducing the single infrared stove

An infrared stove is composed of these parts:

a, Control circuit

The control circuit receives signals from the user.All steps performed on the kitchen for cooking by the user are operated through this control unit.It is located below the glass.

b, Power circuit "source circuit":

The power supply circuit supplies power to the control circuit of the infrared terminal, executing the command from the control circuit.At the same time, it also takes the job of comparing signals,amplifying the heat radiated output of infrared lamp more or less,and provides signals for the radiator.

c, Fan heatsink:

This componet as a cooling for the circuit during work.

d,Heat plate "infrared light":

Infrared light emits heat to heat pots, pans, pans on the stove, to cooking food

e, Temperature sensor:

Comparing the temperature of infrared cookers emitted from infrared lamps.

These are the main components in an infrared stove.

How to identify broken infrared stove:

Some common mistakes of infrared cookers when in use today:

a, When the kitchen shows words E1, E2, H1, H2.

The cause is: Dead heat sensor on infrared plate or dead radiator fan.

The treatment in this case is: Replace the thermal sensor or replace the radiator fan.

b, Infrared stove shows errors E3, E4, E5, E6, ... or the stove is flicker, unstable operation (power supply sometimes, or not).

The reason is: The kitchen is open with weld joints, the damaged capacitor, the  damaged power supply IC, the diode is broken,the voltage regulator diode is failed,the transistor is died,This error can come from the control circuit and the power circuit.

How to handle this case: Solder welds, check the components on the control circuit,check the capacity and replace damaged components.

c, The stove cannot be turned on eventhough it is still on electricity, the stove turns on or off by itself,cannot increase or decrease the temperature, ...

The reason is: Open solder on the controller circuit, damaged capacitor, damaged resistor, damaged driver Ic.

How to handle this case: Solder welds, check if the voltage on the control circuit is enough,see if copper lines are broken, check and replace damaged components

d, Infrared tray is not hot, although the stove is still on electricity and still can operate normally.

The reason is: the infrared tray is broken, the connecting wire is broken, the electronic switch starts the tray.With the stove series with thermal fuse support, the thermal fuse can be damaged.

How to handle this case: Check the tray, if it breaks, replace it with a new one. Check connection wires, thermal fuses, electronic switches, and replace damaged components.

If you need to replace parts, you can go to NVTshop to buy the most suitable ones or look to our infrared stove repair service.

Here's another tip: You should replace the thermostat and radiator fan every 2 years even if your kitchen is still working properly.

Because when operated for a long time, these accessories will wear out and reduce performance, causing energy costs.

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